About Cristiana Shields Jewelry

Hello beautiful people…if you love stone jewelry, you’ve come to the right place & my collection is perfect for you. 
This jewelry with these special stones are my secret super power.  I love to contribute to people, and I channel this through my jewelry designs. Jewelry made with these special stone help increase all areas of happiness. I love hearing fans say that wearing my jewelry FEELS good. These stones, no matter what you choose, can help bring possibilities. It’s the power that’s within these stones that empowers you. Designing unique jewelry is my life passion and purpose.  The experience of wearing this jewelry full of these awesome stones, is like spraying essential oils on you that bring empowering energies like love, clarity, abundance, joy, fearless, etc. I first started creating for myself to empower me, then I got inspired to share with people. Through my creative art, empowers others. Each piece on my website is Very Special.

Cristiana Shields Jewelry was Founded in 1993. One of a kind, this jewelry is like no other. They are pure, real, and natural. Each individual piece is design by hand by yours truly.  The stones I use in each piece is purely magical. I was so drawn to the stones and the powerful energies within them. I wanted to create jewelry deep and next level that can support us and our goals in life, help bring more happiness and make an outfit and shine. Inspires people to tap into living passionately.  

 I create true authentic jewelry that SHIELDS and EMPOWERS us. You can see, each piece in the collections shares a special description facts about the stones. What you are drawn to, is what you’re connected too.   I create wearable art. My Jewelry is a symbol of pure happiness, joy, and abundance energies and in some ways helps us get unstuck in some areas in our lives if we do feel stuck.  Each piece of jewelry here is individually blessed. Don’t wait… most pieces is all one of a kind.    

Cristiana Shields Jewelry is the “juice” ;-) 

Thank You for your interest.    

with love and gratitude, xxx Cristiana & GiGi