About Cristiana Shields Jewelry

This jewelry can make an outfit come to life, light up a room, and be a topic of conversation at a party. Along with that extra boost of positive energy we could use to face the day feeling empowered.
 This jewelry is designed with some of the most powerful stones around and nurtures the soul.

I see myself as a Phoenix. My mom and grandmother use to call me "Baby Bird"...somewhere through life that stuck with me and left me stuck and feeling small. If my dad was know to be Larger then life and shine...I can continue his legacy while creating mine. I discovered that these stones are full of naturally super powers that when worn and touched, can magically inspires me to be who I am and want to be more of and not defined by who I  wounded up being from people and journey. The Phoenix Super Power in me is up to inspire anyone who wants to create their own super power. This is what was missing for me, so I created this is what people need more of in this world to feel happy, full-filled, peaceful. God has my back...I have your back. I created my jewelry to give me strength and extra luck and boost of positive energies sometimes I need if I'm about to face my fears, extra boost of confidence when I'm hanging with family, party, etc. this jewelry made such an impact on me and my life, what made possible and available is sharing and benefitting people who resinate and love what I do as well. love to contribute to people and I love leaving people feeling better then before. I enjoy inspiring people to tap and embrace their own authenticity and self expression. 

 These special GEMS naturally empower and lift us up with the strong energies each one carries. Each piece comes with a description that shares the truth about the stones and gives a better insight in what gravitates us towards them.

Cristiana Shields Jewelry is dedicated and committed to the highest quality of crystals, gemstones created and delivered with authenticity, luxury, and mostly one of kind. I'm up to inspiring people to be their best self.  Extraordinary authentic jewelry made of stones that help create and bring magic into our life. They really work.

 Be your own star. Its your time to SHINE!!!

There are 3 fundamental things in life...

1. Live a life making a difference

2. Wanting to be full-filled

3. Experience to love freely and receive love in return

  I created Cristiana Shields Jewelry.  Founded in 1993 by myself -Creative Designer & Owner. I design each piece by hand, each one piece mostly one of kind. 

  I've nurtured my spiritual healing through personal development. I'm certified in Reiki, I'm a Landmark International Graduate completing the Full Curriculum for Living, currently an Event Leader for Landmark  I get to channel this work through my jewelry designs. Jewelry that supports us looking and feeling good on outside and inside. I've also studied the Course of Miracles and The Art of Possibilities. 

 Cristiana Shields Jewelry is all made with love.  

Thank you so much for your interest.

Welcome to my store. Have fun shopping.

Make Your Mark! Best Wishes

xxx Cristiana & GiGi