About Cristiana Shields Jewelry

The joy of "JEWELRY"...there is nothing like it. This jewelry is designed with some of the most powerful stones around. Not only beautiful, unique one of kind, handmade, each carry their own energies that give the wearer what they need and want for balance and harmony. These special powerful GEMS naturally empower and lift us up spiritually, emotionally, and physically with positive energies each carry. As you read in each descriptions/stories of each piece, you can have a better understanding why you gravitate to a piece. Not only can it bring alive and complete something as simple as t-shirt & a pair of jeans or a glamorous gown and any outfit in between, it can inspire and attract all the wonderful feelings we love and creates a sense of balance.

My jewelry is one of my signatures. Cristiana Shields Jewelry is dedicated and committed to the highest quality of crystals, gemstones created and delivered with authenticity, luxury, and mostly one of kind innovation. Extraordinary authentic jewelry made of stones that help create and bring magic into your life. 

I fell in-love with these gems. My vision is create fun jewelry that can be worn anywhere anytime by anyone and attract what we truly want and can be worn with anything in your closet.  

 My passion and drive is to create jewelry with stones that bring forth that feeling and way about us when we wear these creations.  Am I a healer?, yes and a connector.  I created Cristiana Shields Jewelry. 46 years in the making. Founded in 1993 by myself -Creative Director, Designer. 

I love the saying "You never fully dressed without a smile!" You know majority of people smiling are wearing jewelry!!! 

Live Life Powerfully. Authentic jewelry that inspires "you" to be "you". Choose Cristiana Shields Jewelry to add to your jewelry collection.

 I've nurtured my spiritual healing through personal development. I'm certified in Reiki, I'm a Landmark International Graduate completing the Full Curriculum for Living, currently a Leader apart of the Global Academy at Landmark International Enterprise, and a life/health coach advisor. I get to channel this work through my jewelry designs. Jewelry with multiple purposes. I've also studied the Course of Miracles and The Art of Possibilities. 

 Cristiana Shields Jewelry is a Pisces, double koi fish, and all about fun whimsical, free. Expect miracles and magic happens in the blind spots and unexpected. Be present in moment, gratitude and enjoy the journey. All made with love.  

Welcome to my store. May any jewelry pieces that you choose and gravitate to help you feel WHOLE and COMPLETE and EMPOWERED. 
Meet my Mini Frenchie "GiGi"... she is my little star model. 
Have FUN shopping.! Thank you Thank you Thank you! 

Love, Cristiana